Posted by: nuriabadia | July 14, 2010

Advantages and disadvantages of Collaborative Projects

When I think about collaborative projects many different things come to my mind, so I’ll try to give an organised opinion about them.
As for the advantages, Collaborative projects promote group work and this is very important in our students’ learning process. Sometimes we find that our students cannot work in groups. I think group work can make problem solving easier as the students are forced to consider the other members’ opinions to make a decision. Most of the times, after some discussion, they discover everyone has something interesting to contribute to the group. Apart from this, and considering English language, being part of a collaborative project makes students develop more significative learning. They feel that English language is used beyond their class books and workbooks. In my opinion, their relationship with the subject also changes because they become active learners as they make decisions, investigate, search, draw conclusions, negotiate and share their knowledge with their classmates and teacher. And, last but not least, considering nowadays curriculum, collaborative projects promote the development of key competences.
On the other hand, this kind of projects can also involve some drawbacks. During the work process some students can feel it is a bit unfair, as some of them work harder and faster than others. However, this is also a good example to teach them about diversity. Some teachers also consider that these projects can be time consuming, specially if you are not an expert in ICT. In this case, I think we, as teachers, shouldn’t be very ambitious when don’t fell completely confident.
Finally, I would like to say that the more we practise the more we get better at anything. So, let’s try!


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